Can I rent a car for someone else?

Can I rent a car for someone else?

Want to rent a car for someone else? It’s not always easy, but there’s one way you can make it work at

Whether you want to rent a car as a gift for someone else or for another employee at work, you may find yourself wondering how to do it or if it is even possible. And the answer is far from obvious.

That is because you technically can’t rent a car in your name if someone else is going to pick it up and drive it around. Lomak Adventures ask that whoever makes the reservation is the person to pick it up because that is the person whose name will be in the rental agreement, which is a legal document.

How to rent a car for someone else

This is the easiest and most straightforward way to get someone driving the rental car other than you, the person making the reservation.

As the main driver, you still have some obligations: you will have to be present to pick-up the car, sign the car rental agreement and it’s also your credit card that will be used for the security deposit. Technically, you’ll be the “primary driver”, but you don’t have to drive at all if you don’t want to.

As an additional driver, the other person will be able to drive the car with no restrictions and no problems at all, as their name will be in the car rental agreement as well. As long as the additional driver is old enough to rent a car and has all the documentation needed, you’re good to go.

Can I rent a car for someone else?

No, you can’t rent a car in your name for someone else to pick it up. You can, however, make a reservation in your name and add someone else as an additional driver. You have the rights to pay for someone else’s car rental reservation when you choose to pay online, but the actual main or primary driver, who signs the car rental agreement, will have to present a credit card for the security deposit in their name.

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